WWE 2k18 – Complete Overhaul Over The Game


A lot has been said about the past wwe game in 2017. One is that the very fact that it has poor graphics. Imagine having to play the game with that annoying looking character models? The facial expression plus the worst hair ever, who would love playing the wwe?

The coming of WWE 2k18 will give gamers alike a glimpse of hope that those expressions that are somewhat ghostlike are going to be all gone and forgotten and placed with a more humanistic approach to it.

Not only the looks baby! Come to notice the entire game in itself. They need to do an overhaul for the up and coming wwe 2k18 if they want to gain more popularity in gamers alike. Imagine, the game in itself is using the same engine since 2000. It’s almost a decade now. The game needs a total overhaul for crying out loud.

Let’s face having an annual update over the game will be a lot of pressure on the developers themselves. As for the wwe 2k18, there should be a lot to think about to ensure that the gamers will be hooked and want to play more and will be excited for the next up and coming update.

By the way, can we sort out the hair issue and those expressions? Let the characters walk like they are actually humans instead of some weird gaming character. Perhaps, this change will go a long way to capture the minds and hearts of the gamers out there who have been avid fans. Or, capture a new market who might want to consider playing wwe 2k18 as soon as it’s going to be released.

So, sit back, then relax as we await the release of the new update for the WWE video game.